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Message from Peter Graf – March 2018

If you haven’t heard about our recent acquisition of Altocloud or why it matters, I’d like to share this great news. Based in Galway, Ireland, a hotbed of innovation in customer experience technology, Altocloud is known for its artificial intelligence (AI)-based customer journey analytics applications.


Tom’s Message – February 2018

For the past year, I’ve been talking a lot about the benefits of upgrading to a modern contact center infrastructure. That’s because it’s a Genesys core competency. But many businesses are still holding off.


Paul’s Message – January 2018

In business, every new year shines on a light on the next 12 months. It feels like a sort of new starting line. And yet, everything “new” Genesys is doing in 2018 builds on our work in 2017.


End of Life for Genesys Agent Scripting

Genesys announced the End of Life for Genesys Agent Scripting on December 22, 2017.


Paul Segre’s Year-End Message for 2017

I could easily spend this message talking about the merger of Genesys and Interactive Intelligence, because it has occupied a ton of my time in 2017. But the real stories are what that merger has enabled us to deliver, and how it enhances customer experience.


Genesys Announces End of Life for All Versions of Genesys Express

As of November 19, 2017, Genesys has announced End of Life for all versions of Genesys Express.


Tom’s Message – November 2017

Any company can claim to be a leader in something—from cupcakes to customer service. But if every company says this, how do you distinguish the truly innovative leaders from the rest?


[Live Virtual Summit] Register for Genesys Predicts: 2018

Just when you thought you had it covered, the landscape for engaging with customers changed again!


Tom’s Message – October 2017

New investments in PureConnect add strength to our long-term strategy for PureEngage, PureCloud and the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.


Tom’s Message – September 2017

For Formula 1 racing fans, the recent Singapore Grand Prix was a reminder that being on the pole, or first in line, doesn’t guarantee anything.


PureConnect: What’s in a Name?

Still catching up to the new names around PureConnect? Read the product data sheets to gain insights on the distinctions between each type of deployment.


Tom’s Message – August 2017

Some companies run fairly well on aging infrastructures, even though these systems are not capable of delivering an omnichannel customer experience. Yet the pressure is mounting to deliver consistently differentiated customer experiences, or risk watching your customers go elsewhere for lower-effort engagement.


Tom’s Message – July 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still new enough in business that many see it as one big category of complex technology.


Are You Utilizing AppFoundry?

As you might already know, the AppFoundry is a marketplace for third party applications that integrate with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.


Tom’s Message – June 2017

Earlier this year, I told you about our acquisition of Silver Lining Solutions, whose products improve employee engagement and performance by assessing and evaluating employee behaviors, skills, and capabilities.


Tom’s Message – May 2017

I’m happy to share some great important news from one of the industry’s top analyst groups. Gartner has just issued the updated 2017 Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure (CCI MQ).


New Channels Now Available in Genesys PureEngage Cloud: Outbound SMS and Email

We’ve enhanced our Outbound capabilities in PureEngage Cloud so you can now leverage emails and text messages to deliver effective multichannel one-way and two-way agentless customer engagement.


Tom’s Message – April 2017

At Genesys, we spend our days devising ways to make people’s lives easier and less frustrating—and in the process, make our customers more profitable. I know you share this passion.


April Tech Tutorial: “Statistically Speaking”

Register* for the April 4 Tech Tutorial and learn about building, understanding, and troubleshooting Real Time Statistics.


Tom’s Message – March 2017

This month, Genesys completed its acquisition of Silver Lining Solutions, developer of employee optimization solutions that help improve employee engagement and performance, enterprise-wide.


Nominate Your Organization for a Genesys Customer Innovation Award!

You are the people who have shaped our industry and we could not be more excited to give you the spotlight.


Tom’s Message – February 2017

At Genesys, we think a lot about the power of innovation, and for good reason. Markets are changing. Customer expectations are increasing and raising the bar on customer experience. And businesses must keep up.


PureConnect 2017 R2 is Now Available 

PureConnect 2017 R2 includes new and enhanced product features. Find out some of the key features we are making available!


Save the Date for CX17!

We’re bringing together the best of G-Force and the brightest of Interactions to deliver the number one customer engagement experience of the year.


Paul’s Message – January 2017

Every new year brings with it a sense of hope—to achieve personal goals, take advantage of new opportunities, and become better at what we do. And yet some years feel newer than others. That’s how it’s feeling for Genesys in 2017.


Tuning Up for Greater Efficiency

Staying in tune with your customers should be a KPI for every operation.


Genesys University – A Key to Your Future

Training is key to reaching your career goals and maximizing the business value your company gains from its Genesys investments.


Paul Segre’s Year-End Message for 2016

Saying that 2016 has been a great year for Genesys doesn’t adequately express everything we have to celebrate. Let’s start this year-end wrap-up with our big news: Genesys just completed our acquisition of Interactive Intelligence, creating a major opportunity for all of us.


Genesys Named a Leader in TWO Forrester Waves™

In both Forrester Wave™ reports for midsize and large contact centers, Genesys was named a leader with highest scores in the current offering category as well as for omnichannel capabilities and reporting and analytics criteria.


Seasons Change and So Do Your Business Support Needs

Just as your area’s leaves change with the seasons, your company will keep changing to meet your customers’ changing expectations in 2017, not to mention your competition’s tactics.


Lucy’s Message – November 2016

It’s a fall ritual: We’re deep into 2017 planning mode here at Genesys and I’m sure you are, too.


Tom’s Message – October 2016

There’s a shift in customer relationships, and we all felt it at G-Force in Miami earlier this month. It was more than the power of Hurricane Matthew, our unexpected guest.


See the Genesys Omnichannel Desktop in Action

A picture is worth a thousand words! This video demo highlights, in a few short minutes, how an omnichannel desktop empowers your agents and boosts their efficiency.


Tech Tutorials are Right at Your Fingertips

For fast-changing operations, you need technical info when you need it.


Is Your Staff Trained for Your “Next Gen?”

How do you define “next gen”?  Is it a full omnichannel operation or perhaps a higher level of Net Promoter Score (NPS)? 


Education Day at G-Force 2016

Customer Experience on land and sky…on-premises and cloud, that is! We’ve got you covered – whether you manage on-premises or cloud environments. 


Take Advantage of Log File Retrieval Service

We’re always looking for ways to serve you better.  With Log File Retrieval, Genesys takes a more active role in gathering the right logs to solve your support cases.


Tom’s Message – September 2016

What’s on the technology horizon and how disruptive will it be? No one has a crystal ball, but the indicators we track are pretty clear on trends that are gaining momentum in this new “age of the customer.”


VidyoEngage for Genesys

Improve Customer Satisfaction, Increase Revenue, and Reduce Customer Churn with High Quality Video


G-Force 2016 is Offering the Journey of a Lifetime!

We want to enable one of you to make the difference you’ve always dreamed of with our “Giveback: A Journey of a Lifetime” contest.


Tech Tutorials to Meet Your Schedule

Always available when and where you need specific information.


Make Troubleshooting Easier

Are you using Genesys Care Workbench to keep your on-premises operations running well yet? 


G-Force 2016: So What’s in This for Me?

We know it’s not always easy to decide where to spend your conference budget so we wanted to highlight just a few of the things you could miss out on if you don’t register for G-Force.


Make Plans for Education Day at G-Force!

You’re bound to find just what you need to build your own expertise and get the certification that proves it.


Tom’s Message – August 2016

For 25 years, Genesys has been 100% dedicated to helping you deliver exceptional customer experiences. It’s been a journey. We’ve grown. We’ve developed knowledge and expertise. We’ve innovated. What we’ve created with you and our partners is proof that great customer experiences drive better business outcomes and lasting relationships.


Register Now: Genesys Developer Summit 2016

Mark your calendars for the global Genesys Developer Summit on September 7–8, 2016 in Toronto, Canada.


Voice Your Support!

Join the Genesys team, as we share in the excitement of becoming a finalist for the Top 10 Contact Centre Technology awards!


Introducing Genesys Care Workbench

Genesys is pleased to announce Genesys Care Workbench to help you better troubleshoot your on-premises Genesys environment. 


Register Now for August Tech Tutorials

Register for the upcoming August Tech Tutorials after logging into My Support or Genesys Cloud.


Tom’s Message – July 2016

Michael Phelps earned the opportunity to defend his records in Rio in the 2016 US Olympic Trials earlier this month. The tenacity and perseverance I saw during the broadcast reminded me of the character I see in customers grappling with preparing their contact centers to handle digital channels. 


CX Leaders in Banking, Foster Loyalty through Effortless Customer Journeys

To drive customer loyalty and increase new business opportunities it is essential to understand the location of hotspots — processes that cause frustration and inefficiency – in the customer’s journey.


How an Omnichannel Agent Desktop Helps Your Employees Personalize Customer Service

The secrets of contact center success, simply put, are: Generate more revenue. Keep expenses low. Make customers happy. Retain employees. 


Be Omniscient With Genesys University Certification

Keeping current is a constant challenge whether you’re working with front office applications such as Inbound Voice or back office applications such as Intelligent Workload Distribution. Here are recently updated or new courses with associated certification exams and study guides available to prove you’re still the expert.


Test from End-to-End for Great CX

The customer experience you deliver depends on your entire production environment.


Register Now for July Tech Tutorial about SpeechStorm

IVRs will remain a key component of omnichannel engagements, so join this session to learn more about how SpeechStorm works.  


End of Life Announcement for Nuance Third-Party Products

Genesys has announced End of Life (EOL) for the Nuance products listed. 


G-Force Early Bird Pricing Ends June 30!

Join us in Miami as we explore the future of customer relationships – how they’re evolving and how business is evolving with them.


Cloud-Based Proactive Communications Accelerate Credit Card Fraud Resolution

A number of Genesys customers like yourselves have relied solely on the Genesys platform to improve customer experience and address fraud concerns.


IVR for Government: Make a Great First Impression

Frequently, the first interaction that a citizen or customer has with your organization is through an IVR or self-service portal, and that first impression is important.


How the Genesys IVR Framework and the Genesys Voice Platform Work Together

Delivering great customer experiences includes streamlining your business processes to reduce customer effort throughout a call. Poorly designed and outdated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) increases customer effort, destroys customer satisfaction and results in higher cost to serve.


Tom’s Message – May 2016

You asked, we listened. Last month, we reached out to several of you (our customers) to better understand some of the issues you are are facing and how we can improve our offerings to help you.


Register for the June Tech Tutorial on Pulse 8.5 Best Practices

Tech Tutorials are a great way to expand your Genesys skills efficiently without traveling.


Have It All With Genesys University

Genesys University wants to make sure you get the most from your Genesys solutions. 


AppFoundry App of the Month: SWIFT™ Marketo Adapter

Too often the customer service contact center is not able to respond and fulfill responses to marketing campaigns due to lack of awareness. The SWIFT Marketo Adapter connects the Genesys CX platform with Marketo.


Quiz: Is Your IVR Driving Your Customers Away?

When your customers call, is your IVR helping or hurting your business? How do interactions with your customers end—in frustration or satisfaction?


AppFoundry App of the Month: Vidyo

Every month, we will be featuring an app from the Genesys AppFoundry online marketplace.


How Have Other Customers Found Success in the Cloud?

The Genesys Premier Edition – Virtual Contact Center, is a pure cloud offering that delivers everything that small to mid-size contact centers need to provide exceptional customer experiences.


Tom’s Message – April 2016

At Genesys, we spend our days devising ways to make people’s lives easier and less frustrating—and in the process, make our customers more profitable. I know you share this passion.


Customers Share Their Experience at Genesys University

Grab some popcorn and watch this video to see what other Genesys customers and partners share about their experience with Framework Routing classroom training at Genesys University in Frimley, UK. 


Modernizing IVRs

A recent Genesys blog asked a good question,  “Is 2016 the year to modernize your IVR?” 


New Log File Management Tool 8.5 Delivers More Features

Now your support staff can manage even larger, distributed, on-premises operations more efficiently with these new LFMT features.


Tom’s Message for March 2016

If the start of 2016 is any indication, economic pressures will soon be felt by organizations across the globe.


Uptime Delivers Better CX and Saves Time

Optimizing your on-premises environment requires the right day-to-day support, tools, and best practices—as well as the best technology.


AppFoundry App of the Month: PinDrop Fraud Detection System Adapter

Every month, we will be featuring an app from the Genesys AppFoundry online marketplace.