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Tom’s Message – February 2018

For the past year, I’ve been talking a lot about the benefits of upgrading to a modern contact center infrastructure. That’s because it’s a Genesys core competency. But many businesses are still holding off.


Tom’s Message – November 2017

Any company can claim to be a leader in something—from cupcakes to customer service. But if every company says this, how do you distinguish the truly innovative leaders from the rest?


Tom’s Message – October 2017

New investments in PureConnect add strength to our long-term strategy for PureEngage, PureCloud and the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.


Tom’s Message – September 2017

For Formula 1 racing fans, the recent Singapore Grand Prix was a reminder that being on the pole, or first in line, doesn’t guarantee anything.


Tom’s Message – August 2017

Some companies run fairly well on aging infrastructures, even though these systems are not capable of delivering an omnichannel customer experience. Yet the pressure is mounting to deliver consistently differentiated customer experiences, or risk watching your customers go elsewhere for lower-effort engagement.


Tom’s Message – July 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still new enough in business that many see it as one big category of complex technology.


Tom’s Message – June 2017

Earlier this year, I told you about our acquisition of Silver Lining Solutions, whose products improve employee engagement and performance by assessing and evaluating employee behaviors, skills, and capabilities.


Tom’s Message – May 2017

I’m happy to share some great important news from one of the industry’s top analyst groups. Gartner has just issued the updated 2017 Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure (CCI MQ).


Tom’s Message – April 2017

At Genesys, we spend our days devising ways to make people’s lives easier and less frustrating—and in the process, make our customers more profitable. I know you share this passion.


Tom’s Message – March 2017

This month, Genesys completed its acquisition of Silver Lining Solutions, developer of employee optimization solutions that help improve employee engagement and performance, enterprise-wide.


Tom’s Message – February 2017

At Genesys, we think a lot about the power of innovation, and for good reason. Markets are changing. Customer expectations are increasing and raising the bar on customer experience. And businesses must keep up.


Tom’s Message – October 2016

There’s a shift in customer relationships, and we all felt it at G-Force in Miami earlier this month. It was more than the power of Hurricane Matthew, our unexpected guest.


Tom’s Message – September 2016

What’s on the technology horizon and how disruptive will it be? No one has a crystal ball, but the indicators we track are pretty clear on trends that are gaining momentum in this new “age of the customer.”


Tom’s Message – August 2016

For 25 years, Genesys has been 100% dedicated to helping you deliver exceptional customer experiences. It’s been a journey. We’ve grown. We’ve developed knowledge and expertise. We’ve innovated. What we’ve created with you and our partners is proof that great customer experiences drive better business outcomes and lasting relationships.


Tom’s Message – July 2016

Michael Phelps earned the opportunity to defend his records in Rio in the 2016 US Olympic Trials earlier this month. The tenacity and perseverance I saw during the broadcast reminded me of the character I see in customers grappling with preparing their contact centers to handle digital channels. 


Tom’s Message – May 2016

You asked, we listened. Last month, we reached out to several of you (our customers) to better understand some of the issues you are are facing and how we can improve our offerings to help you.


Tom’s Message – April 2016

At Genesys, we spend our days devising ways to make people’s lives easier and less frustrating—and in the process, make our customers more profitable. I know you share this passion.


Tom’s Message for March 2016

If the start of 2016 is any indication, economic pressures will soon be felt by organizations across the globe.