Keep Learning More About Genesys Care Workbench

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August 17, 2016

Add Speed and Simplicity to Your Troubleshooting with Genesys Care Workbench

In July, Genesys launched the new Genesys Care Workbench which equips your staff with a suite of troubleshooting tools to help keep your on-premises operations running smoothly. We hope you are starting to use it already and will join us at G-Force in early October to learn more.

Register for the G-Force technical session “Keeping Your Uptime High with the Right Troubleshooting Tools.” You’ll hear from our Customer Care development team on how to get the most with Genesys Care Workbench.   Download and start using Workbench now so you can suggest other capabilities that will make it even more useful.  You will also find a live Genesys Care Workbench demo in the pavilion for more hands-on experience and one-on-one discussion.

Watch the August 3rd Tech Tutorial on Workbench replay by logging into Genesys Knowledge Base to know more before October.