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September 18, 2017

AppFoundry Apps of the Month: Cardprotect from Semafone and LocationSmart Caller Location APIs

Our customers have a wide range of needs they are looking to fulfill, like PCI DSS compliance or location-based services for contact centers. Thankfully, solutions on the AppFoundry marketplace like Cardprotect from Semafone or LocationSmart help Genesys offer these capabilities across our platforms.

PCI DSS Compliance. Don’t Put It Off, Put It Right.

How Semafone can help secure your customers’ payments & protect your brand reputation

PCI DSS compliance poses many complex challenges for contact centers. Thankfully, solutions like Cardprotect from Semafone significantly reduce the amount of applicable PCI controls.

Register now for this month’s AppFoundry webinar to learn more about how to effectively descope your contact center with Semafone and Genesys. View on-demand at your convenience and read more at Semafone’s post on the Genesys AppFoundry blog.

LocationSmart Brings Location-based Services to Genesys Solutions.

How Location Elevates Customer Satisfaction and Automates Contact Center Engagements

Register for this month’s on-demand Genesys AppFoundry Webinar with LocationSmart, the worldwide leader in Location APIs with a trusted enterprise mobility platform for enterprise and consumer applications. In this webinar, you will learn how LBS can help your contact center optimize efficiencies, achieve immediate ROI and increase customer satisfaction.

Sign up today for the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Here’s how it works: Ask a question during the webinar – Your questions will be delivered to us quickly and a member of the LocationSmart team will reach out with answers. Winners will be selected at the end of September 2017.

Don’t forget to read more on the Genesys AppFoundry blog for 3 Reasons Location Tech Should Be A Top Priority.