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September 17, 2016

AppFoundry Apps of the Month: Glance Cobrowse for Genesys and iProov Verifier

Glance Cobrowse for Genesys

Puts Agents and Customers on the Same Page

Glance visual engagement solutions allow agents and customers to see the same thing, instantly, for immediate positive impact on sales, customer service, customer support, and the overall customer experience. Glance Cobrowse puts agents and customers on the same browser page – literally – vastly improving customer service, sales, and customer support efforts.

Learn more about the Glance’s App!

iProov Verifier

Authentication Online – Outstandingly Easy, Ultra Secure

Authenticate your online customers with an outstanding user experience. It’s extremely easy to use – and ultra-secure. Zero-effort face verification that can’t be fooled or hacked.

Learn more about iProov’s App!