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October 17, 2016

AppFoundry Apps of the Month: Google Analytics / AdWords Integration By Outleads (Contact Centers) and V-Person Contact Center

Google Analytics / AdWords Integration By Outleads (Contact Centers)

Pull prospect data from Google

Leverage data captured by Google Analytics and AdWords to arm contact center agents and enhance the customer experience!

Outleads pulls web session data from Google Analytics into Genesys Interaction Workspace and routing decisions, including:

• User activity: terms searched to arrive at the website, online ad campaign triggered, ad shown

• User profile: age age bracket, gender, and interests (e.g, Movie Lovers, Travel Buffs, Avid Investors)

Data can be displayed in Genesys Interaction Workspace for the agent to leverage while handling an incoming interaction request and incorporated into routing decisions to intelligently direct interaction requests to exactly the right agent.

Learn more about the Outleads App!

V-Person Contact Center™

Omnichannel Smart Help

Create personalized conversations for your customers and agents with intelligent virtual assistants. These solutions are backed by V-Portal™, a powerful knowledge management, workflow management and business intelligence reporting platform, which has been identified as a competitive differentiator in the industry.

The V-Person Smart Help platform engages users in natural language across channels (web, mobile, social, SMS, contact center, IVR, kiosk), provides an instant, single answer for consistent, accurate support and integrates with other support options, such as live chat, for a seamless experience. Services to deliver and manage V-Person are available from Creative Virtual or one of its partners upon request.

Learn more about Creative Virtual’s App!