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August 17, 2016

AppFoundry Apps of the Month: nGAGEMENT by nGUVU and Eemaan Scripting for Genesys


Gamification and Machine Learning for Contact Centers

nGAGEMENT by nGUVU uses game mechanics, social media and interactive features, machine learning, and behavioral analytics to drive performance at the agent level. Our software motivates agents to achieve their objectives by immersing them in a fun game-like environment. The result is higher agent engagement, productivity, and satisfaction (and customer satisfaction by extension), as well as improved contact center agent recruitment, lower turnover, and a sense of community and collaboration among agents.

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Eemaan Scripting for Genesys

Bulk Data Loading and Unloading Made Easy

Importing configuration information into the Genesys Platform can be quite a chore, yet this is a fundamental step in attempting to automate tasks within the Genesys Platform.

Eemaan IMPORT supports the Configuration Scripting Interface (CSI), a flexible and easy-to-use scripting language for carrying out common and complex configuration tasks. It allows powerful configuration changes to take place within the Genesys Platform such as the creation of new objects, updates, deletes, linking of objects, moving of objects and much more.Eemaan EXPORT enhances the Import functionality allowing you to export all or chosen aspects of any Genesys Platform, for import into any other Genesys Platform. By supporting the Configuration Scripting Interface (CSI), it allows a truly portable export to be created, which takes care of differences in DBIDs.

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