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August 25, 2017

AppFoundry Apps of the Month: nGUVU and Outleads


Employee Experience Solution for Genesys

We bring today’s reality to your contact center by using social media concepts and proven performance drivers to build intrinsic motivation and influence agent behavior that increases their level of engagement and optimizes team performance. Customers benefit from the power of their existing Genesys | ININ data to drive Machine Learning-based predictive analytics, allowing them to predict and prevent attrition and absenteeism, while increasing peak productivity and workforce performance.

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With nGAGEMENT’s integration into PureCloud, you now have access to the solution that will create an environment focused on improving employee engagement and as a result, the overall customer experience. nGAGEMENT will transform your agent’s daily life into an immersive journey through the perfect blend of intrinsic motivation and machine learning.

nGUVU, an AppFoundry partner, has been working closely with the PureCloud development team to facilitate the integration of applications with PureCloud. Jacou Sarrazin, nGUVU’s CTO, helped create an automated onboarding flow for new PureCloud customers. He will be attending DevCon17 in Miami on September 12-14 and will be happy to discuss our solution with you.

Google Analytics & AdWords Integration By Outleads

Pull Prospect Data from Google

In 2013, Outleads pioneered the first set of technologies that connect marketing and contact centers. Now, we’re proud to partner with Genesys to empower the most advanced handling of customer interactions yet.

Outleads is the only call analytics solution that integrates seamlessly with any Genesys inbound solution, including GME, GVP, all cloud products, as well as chat and e-mail.

The integration delivers web session data captured by Google Analytics and AdWords to contact center agents, enhancing the customer experience. Data includes:

  • User activity: terms searched to arrive at the website, online ad campaign triggered, ad shown
  • User profile: age age bracket, gender, and interests (e.g, Movie Lovers, Travel Buffs, Avid Investors)

Data can be displayed to the agent while handling an incoming interaction request and incorporated into routing decisions to intelligently direct interaction requests to exactly the right agent.

Learn more about the Outleads app!

Creating a unified omnichannel customer experience is top-of-mind for every contact center today. The Outleads plugin, which connects Genesys to marketing systems from the likes of Google and Adobe, solves this problem by facilitating a collaboration between marketing and the contact center.

Register to this month’s AppFoundry Webinar featuring Outleads now!

In the webinar, you will learn how you can:

  • Enable marketing to drive more quality calls to your contact center, increasing sales
  • Understand your callers better to convert faster, saving time and money
  • Prove your effectiveness to your ​marketing department​ and get credit for closed sales