Learn how Genesys has helped Vodafone achieve an omnichannel environment, connecting with customers across analog, digital, mobile, and social channels.

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June 16, 2016

Customer Spotlight: Vodafone Unleashes the Power of Omnichannel

How are other customers using Genesys? This month, we turn the spotlight to Vodafone Germany. One of the country’s largest service providers, Vodafone Germany has more than 8,000 agents and handles around five million assisted and 13 million unassisted contacts every month.

Before, the company’s communications were siloed. There were five different voice systems, and 70% of calls were handled by outsourced resources. A customer would call the hotline and follow up with an email, yet receive two different and disjointed responses. This confounded and frustrated both customers and agents. There was no holistic view or single version of the truth. To address this, Vodafone embarked on a six-year journey to transform its customer experience (CX). Genesys brought people and technology together, in one virtual contact center.

Learn how Genesys has helped Vodafone achieve a truly omnichannel environment, connecting with customers across analog, digital, mobile, and social channels.


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