Businesses enjoy the benefits of reduced lead costs, improved customer satisfaction and increased revenues.

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March 27, 2018

Message from Peter Graf – March 2018

If you haven’t heard about our recent acquisition of Altocloud or why it matters, I’d like to share this great news. Based in Galway, Ireland, a hotbed of innovation in customer experience technology, Altocloud is known for its artificial intelligence (AI)-based customer journey analytics applications.

So, what will this mean for Genesys solutions and our customers? Altocloud uses artificial intelligence and data from various sources to predict the likelihood of a consumer achieving a specific milestone within their customer journey. For example, that milestone could be the customer ordering a product, requesting an insurance quote or booking a flight on a company’s website. If Altocloud detects that a high-value consumer is no longer making progress on their journey, an action can be triggered—such as a proactive chat, a special offer or even an agent’s call—to ensure a successful completion of the milestone. As a result, businesses enjoy the benefits of reduced lead costs, improved customer satisfaction and increased revenues.

Ovum called the acquisition of Altocloud a “natural next step for Genesys” and that’s exactly what it feels like from our perspective. By expanding our AI and machine learning capabilities into customer journey analytics, you’ll be able to look into the behavior of consumers and their potential as customers. It’s hyper-personalization for the best possible business outcome. What Altocloud does is so cool, in fact, that industry analyst Gartner named Altocloud a “Cool Vendor.”

There are other core benefits, as well. The Irish Times called out the complementary technology of Genesys and Altocloud: “The Altocloud platform architecture is built on horizontally scalable, microservices-based architecture. Genesys embraces the same principles across its entire portfolio.” This means faster integration. Genesys customers can start benefiting from the new capabilities in the second half of 2018. In addition, the Altocloud customer journey management solution will enhance our Blended AI strategy, which combines AI with the power of the human touch.

Look for ongoing updates on Altocloud, and see how you can take customer experience to another level through proactive and predictive engagement.