Whether you are in marketing, sales, service or collections, this new service enables you to drive better contact and completion rates with prospects and customers

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April 18, 2017

New Channels Now Available in Genesys PureEngage Cloud: Outbound SMS and Email

We’ve enhanced our Outbound capabilities in PureEngage Cloud so you can now leverage emails and text messages to deliver effective multichannel one-way and two-way agentless customer engagement.

PureEngage Cloud customers will increase reach, response rates, and customer satisfaction – while saving costs – when adding automated channels like SMS and Email to their outbound communications. Customers can create and manage cross-channel outbound campaigns utilizing dialer, outbound IVR, text, and email with our user-friendly interface.

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Whether you are in marketing, sales, service or collections, this new service enables you to drive better contact and completion rates with prospects and customers, including:

  • Sales alerts, marketing campaigns, and promotion of products and services
  • Customer surveys and loyalty programs
  • Appointment, refill, and pick-up reminders
  • Service status and progress updates
  • Alerts and warning announcements
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Reminders and collection notifications

The Benefits are Real

Genesys customers already using outbound text messaging and emails, often alongside traditional outbound calling and automated voice messages, have achieved significant benefits.

For example:

  • Video games retailer drove an additional $11m in revenues
  • Leading insurance company achieved a 4% lift in renewal rate against voice messages only
  • Top mobile carrier increased on-time replenishment of pre-paid cards by 100%
  • Large utility company found that 75% of customers felt more informed during outages
  • Major international bank increased payments collected by 120%
  • Top cable company increased appointment success rate by 7% which saved $1.2 million per year
  • Top U.S. mobile carrier reduced churn by $10 million with interactive SMS surveys followed up by dialer calls to detractors


Get Started Today!

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This new outbound service can be easily added to your existing PureEngage Cloud services, and in many cases, you can be up and running with Outbound SMS and Email in just a few weeks.

SMS and Emails are billed on a usage basis.  You can even text-enable any of your existing toll-free numbers.

To find out how you can add the power of SMS and Email and access those untapped benefits contact your Genesys Customer Success Manager or Account Executive.

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