The real stories are what that merger has enabled us to deliver, and how it enhances customer experience.

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December 18, 2017

Paul Segre’s Year-End Message for 2017

I could easily spend this message talking about the merger of Genesys and Interactive Intelligence, because it has occupied a ton of my time in 2017. But the real stories are what that merger has enabled us to deliver, and how it enhances customer experience.

Some of those big stories for 2017 are probably familiar. You’ve heard a lot from me and Tom about Kate, our customer experience AI. Kate’s approach to personalization—combining AI with the power of the human touch—has generated a lot of positive feedback. Try it out in our build your own bot in half a day workshop and see how much you can accomplish quickly.

Leading-edge innovation put Genesys on top in two Gartner Magic Quadrants this year. Much of this innovation is a direct result of input we receive from you via our Net Promoter System. It’s the methodology we’ve adopted to ensure we’re delivering customer-centric solutions—whether it’s long-term strategies that shape the industry or tactical actions to solve today’s needs. Based on your feedback from our semi-annual relationship surveys, transactional surveys and episode surveys, we discover what you want most. This helps us continually improve the quality and usefulness of our products and services, and ultimately create a true business partnership with you.

For example, in our NPS survey earlier this year, you told us you wanted more from PureConnect and more communication about it. As Tom noted in October, we’ve ramped up our investments in PureConnect with major new features released this year and many more coming soon. From webification of the agent and supervisor experience in our all-in-one client, to deeper analytics, PureConnect is closing in on full omnichannel capabilities.

We also listened to your feedback about developing outcome-driven use cases. Many are already available, such as Outbound and queue statistics, with more coming in 2018. Use cases make it easier to understand how to tie into business requirements and deploy new technologies within the Genesys portfolio—plus, they give you a specific roadmap for success.

A lot of work has been completed in 2017 and we have a lot on our plate for 2018 that came from listening to you. We consider that the essence of customer-centric. Happy holidays to you, your families and your businesses!