"Our commitment to partnering with customers to deliver great CX hasn’t changed—it has accelerated."

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January 12, 2017

Paul’s Message – January 2017

Every new year brings with it a sense of hope—to achieve personal goals, take advantage of new opportunities, and become better at what we do. And yet some years feel newer than others. That’s how it’s feeling for Genesys in 2017.

A large part of that comes from our recent acquisition of Interactive Intelligence, which is driving future developments that will directly benefit our customers.

Here’s where the Genesys roadmap is taking us in 2017 and how this focus can help you:

  • The acquisition represents a milestone in our growth and evolution as a company. But why does that matter to you as a customer? Because our combined and highly complementary portfolio of products means that with one vendor, you can deliver the best possible customer experience (CX). We value innovation and build it into our products. For Genesys, innovation is the only way to continue raising the bar on delivering exceptional CX.
  • Our job is to prepare organizations for meeting the expectations of next-generation customers, through a deep understanding of which trends matter most and why. Customer habits and expectations are changing rapidly—with new channels, such as the Internet of Things—introducing new challenges. A Forrester Report, Plan Now for Customer Service in 2021, highlights some technologies that will transform customer care over the next five years.
  • We recognize the growing relevance of the cloud for all sizes of business. Cloud-only solutions make sense for some, while others benefit from hybrid operations with cloud and on-premise solutions. In a Genesys webinar, Contact Center Managers’ Roadmap to the Future in the Cloud, featured speaker Mary Wardley, Program Vice President, Loyalty and Advocacy Solutions, IDC, talks about how innovative new cloud technologies are changing the way companies deploy software.

Our commitment to partnering with customers to deliver great CX hasn’t changed—it has accelerated. In 2016, we gained valuable knowledge and experience that we fed back into our solutions. In 2017, more investment in R&D means more robust capabilities, including the added depth and breadth of Interactive Intelligence technology. We’re looking ahead so you can achieve your goals and enjoy long-term success.