It’s not “if the shoe fits, wear it” ... It’s “does the shoe still fit?”

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October 17, 2016

What Size Genesys Care Fits Your 2017 Needs?

In a recent Genesys blog about IOT’s potential impact on customer care, Bob Hogg said that  voice-only contact centers a decade ago now average some nine channels.  With customer care for you in mind, we’re re-writing the old adage “if the shoe fits, wear it” to a more pertinent question,  “does the shoe still fit?” 

If your operations are well on the way to an omnichannel environment, the care/support “shoe” that fit your operations a decade ago certainly wouldn’t fit today.  Your company can’t afford to stay the same year after year and expect to meet your customers’ changing expectations, not to mention your competition. 

 The Genesys Care team understands your constant evolution and growth, so we have added more capabilities and tools to our on-premises support packages just for you.

Take a fresh look at how your operations have changed this year, and then talk to your Genesys Care contact about the right level of support and maintenance you need from Genesys Care in 2017.  

And take a fresh look at all three Genesys support options: Business Care, Business Care Plus, Premium Care, and Flex Care with individual services that can be added to each option.

If you’ve already outgrown your 2016 support plan or have much bigger plans for 2017, you may need to change your care/support “shoe.”