Don’t let fear of a modern customer engagement platform keep you from reaping its rewards.

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August 25, 2017

Tom’s Message – August 2017

Some companies run fairly well on aging infrastructures, even though these systems are not capable of delivering an omnichannel customer experience. Yet the pressure is mounting to deliver consistently differentiated customer experiences, or risk watching your customers go elsewhere for lower-effort engagement.

So, if you know that you need a way to deliver a better experience and that omnichannel is a key requirement, what holds you back?

I’ve spoken with many customers on this topic and it’s not necessarily a financial roadblock. In fact, there’s widespread awareness of the huge financial benefits of omnichannel, including more productive agents and enhanced self-service with bots and artificial intelligence—giving customers the next-generation experience they want. But what’s clear is that businesses are looking for guidance: What technology and skills are needed? What’s the potential disruption to day-to-day operations, and how do I mitigate them?

In other words, where do I start?

These are smart questions, and they influenced the development of Genesys PureBridge, a global program to connect companies, contact center professionals and partners to customer experience excellence through the migration process. It begins with changing mindset.

For example, moving to a new engagement platform—and from on-premise to cloud—doesn’t have to be a nightmare of rip-and-replace. The best open cloud platforms let you to move applications or departments one at a time, learn from the process, and then continue on with the next app or group. In fact, Genesys customers migrate in ways that work best for their specific business requirements.

We’re also helping customers navigate to magnificent customer experiences through G-NINE. This innovation framework and customer success model will help you prepare for running a smarter business with the next generation of customer engagement. It’s where artificial intelligence and machine learning, something we call “cerebral power,” will be supported by “the power of the human touch.”

Don’t let fear of a modern customer engagement platform keep you from reaping its rewards. Try our CX Maturity Challenge to get a better understanding of your company’s readiness and then reach out to us for help with those important first steps toward an exciting future.


Tom Eggemeier

President at Genesys