"Genesys may be the premier innovator in customer experience, but it’s customers who take it to the next level."

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February 15, 2017

Tom’s Message – February 2017

At Genesys, we think a lot about the power of innovation, and for good reason. Markets are changing. Customer expectations are increasing and raising the bar on customer experience. And businesses must keep up. That’s true even when you have to make investment decisions based on only a limited or sketchy view of what’s on your business horizon.

These market shifts and growing demands, along with the diverse needs of our customers, have long been drivers of Genesys innovation. Our goal is to help you differentiate your business today, based on a platform for growth, that also future-proofs your investments.

How do we meet those needs for businesses that range from small to multi-national? The Genesys Customer Experience Platform is “fit for purpose,” which means it offers complete flexibility for you to evolve with the market and with your customers—and deploy features only when you need them. With the acquisition of Interactive Intelligence, we are now the only company recognized by top analysts for leadership in cloud, on-premise, and hybrid customer engagement solutions. This is innovation that empowers.

Innovation over the long-term requires financial strength. This may not be the first thing you associate with customer experience. But think about it: Would your customers or partners risk putting their trust in a business on shaky ground? Probably not. Financial strength fuels innovation, enabling us to invest heavily in R&D, execute against our roadmap, and deliver solutions that solve problems and differentiate our customers’ brands. Financial stability is one of the major ways we stand apart from the competition.

Genesys may be the premier innovator in customer experience, but it’s customers who take it to the next level. We recognize these successes through the Genesys Customer Innovation Awards. Now in its 12th year, we’re currently accepting nominations for the best, most innovative achievements. Winners are honored with prizes, and both individuals and their companies gain much-deserved recognition among peers, analysts, and other industry experts.

In this edition of the CX Insider, you’ll learn more about how a customer experience platform that’s purpose-built for innovation can protect your investments and help you build long-term customer relationships.