Don’t be afraid to adopt AI. Start small.

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July 20, 2017

Tom’s Message – July 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still new enough in business that many see it as one big category of complex technology. But as an emerging landscape for automation-driven solutions and machine learning, there are many aspects to it. Here are some of the basic differences and what to expect from each.

Movies like iRobot use general purpose AI in life-like robotic forms. Conversational AI that uses big data is different. Real-life IBM Watson jump-started that on Jeopardy!, a TV quiz competition. These applications of AI technology focus on broad natural language conversations and intent, but typically require a lot of specialty services to set up and maintain their value.

Then there are the chatbot vendors. These handle mostly front-end chat conversations. While they are good at resolving simple informational questions through a single channel, they are usually not well-integrated with agents and the more complex needs of businesses that rely on an omnichannel customer experience platform. Bots will never fully replace humans because when all else fails or issues require complex reasoning, customers still want help from people. And this brings us to Genesys.

Blended AI at Genesys

AI is valuable technology for companies … when it serves the customer experience across all digital and voice channels. Kate is the Genesys enterprise intelligent assistant that brings together AI, bots, adaptive learning and other automation technologies for more personalized and proactive customer experiences. The combined power of Kate working with agents and other employees is what we call “Blended AI by Genesys,” which we introduced at CX17, our user conference. It’s AI that’s specifically focused on enhancing customer journeys across channels, opening up limitless new options for our customers.

Don’t be afraid to adopt AI. Start small. Choose a narrowly focused customer experience issue or repeatable task to reduce costs and make a process more efficient. Save the complex improvements for later. It’s an amazing new era with many opportunities, no matter the size of your business or available resources. Jump in – the water’s fine!

For more details, view our on-demand webinar: Meet Kate and Discover Blended AI by Genesys