The Genesys SpeechStorm applications also require 70% less effort than traditional development methods, accelerating time to market and ROI.

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March 20, 2016

What Does The Acquisition of SpeechStorm Mean For You?

Improve self service performance with compelling, new applications that deliver an amazing customer experience (CX) for just 10% of the cost of an agent-assisted call.

The SpeechStorm acquisition means that Genesys customers now have access to a catalog of more than 80 self-service voice and visual IVR applications that leverage industry best practices. Using these applications, companies are in a better position to help their customers connect to the right information and resources to resolve their inquiries through a personalized experience whenever they need to and on the devices they choose.

With SpeechStorm apps, tools, and analytics customers can:

  • Implement personalized CX with impressive results
  • Achieve significant cost savings
  • Execute true omnichannel customer experiences

With these applications, customers will choose self service—but not because the option to speak to an agent is hidden is some inaccessible menu. Rather, with the help of personalization, customers will be offered experiences based on their profiles and the context of their interactions, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, which leads to a preference for self service over other options.

Our experience shows that customers are twice as likely to use self service when presented with personalized options. At the same time, companies using these applications as an integral part of their CX have consistently reported an increase in their Net Promoter Score.

Using the Genesys SpeechStorm applications results in significant cost-savings as well. Besides the increase in self service and the subsequent calls deflected away from the contact center, personalization also lowers average handle time, since customers don’t need to identify themselves. There are also significant savings in the cost of managing the IVR system, because business users who are responsible for the CX have the tools to configure and make changes to it without requiring technical knowledge or IT support.

These applications can also lead to the elimination of silos within organizations, as the service process is defined once and used across all channels. From voice to visual IVR (with a roadmap to full channel support), the Genesys SpeechStorm applications provide great CX across the end-to-end customer journey, which often includes voice, web, mobile, chat, and social channels.

The Genesys SpeechStorm applications also require 70% less effort than traditional development methods, accelerating time to market and ROI.

Benefits for Customers

  • 24/7 access to self service on the devices they choose
  • Lower effort thanks to personalized and relevant options
  • No need to repeat information, since interaction context and journey histories are transferred together with the caller

Benefits for the Business

  • Service processes that are defined once and used everywhere
  • Business user control of the entire journey without requiring technical support
  • Faster time to market with applications ready to be deployed immediately
  • Instant updates
  • End-to-end view of customer journeys

Benefits for the IT Department

  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Leverages existing IVR investment

Benefits for the Call Center

  • More calls deflected from the contact center
  • More context for calls
  • Shorter call duration
  • More effective routing
  • Fewer transfers