Genesys Care is pleased to announce Workbench version 8.5.1 for PureEngage on-premises users.

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June 21, 2017

Workbench 8.5.1 Now Available for PureEngage (On-premises)

Genesys Care is pleased to announce Workbench version 8.5.1 for PureEngage on-premises users. This release includes the new Channel Monitoring troubleshooting tool and other enhancements.  Login to My Support to download Workbench 8.5.1.  While on My Support, you can also register for Tech Tutorial #105: Workbench 8.5.1 Including New Channel Monitoring Capability.

With the new Channel Monitoring tool, you can:

  • Create call flows that model various paths through IVR menus down to agents
  • Schedule test calls to continuously monitor the health of the call processing environment and identify potential interaction issues before your customers are impacted
  • View the overall status of recent test calls, including reports showing call flow test results, call quality, and other test metrics
  • Configure thresholds for various call test parameters and error conditions, so that when a configured threshold is exceeded, an alert will be displayed on the Channel Monitoring row of the Workbench Event Correlation widget

Other new features in Workbench 8.5.1 include:

  • Workbench supports secure connections using Transport Layer Security (TLS) between Workbench Server and:
    • Management Framework components – Configuration Server, Message Server, Solution Control Server
    • Workbench Agents running on Genesys application hosts
    • Workbench Log Extractor running on Log File Management Tool host
  • Heat Maps now display many application and host metrics in the hover info for Heat Map honeycombs. You can select one or two of these metrics at a time and view a detailed graph of the metrics over a time range.
  • Workbench now maintains an audit trail of all Workbench login attempts, and authorized Admin users can generate an audit report.